Aaren Labs was founded in 1989 with the goal of developing the most scientifically advanced intraocular lenses (IOLs) and surgical products available for the ophthalmic industry. A pioneer in the use of computer-controlled manufacturing of IOLs, Aaren Labs has remained dedicated to the science of delivering the highest visual acuity with its IOLs throughout the world. Thus, Aaren continues to develop and maintain a record of achievement and reputation for excellence within the industry.

Aaren employs over 50 people at its FDA-approved, manufacturing facility. In addition to its 1,500-sq. ft. class 10,000 clean rooms, this facility features 2-shift production, with a 400,000 unit capacity, including a unique production line for "P.U.R.E.â„¢ System" hydrophilic products. Our exceptional R&D team put Aaren at the forefront of ophthalmic innovation.

Aaren Labs Inc.

1040 S. Vintage Ave., Bldg. A
Ontario, CA 91761-3631 USA

Manufacturing Facility:

4290 E. Brickell St., Bldg. A
Ontario, CA 91761-1569 USA